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 Protecting the rights of non-exempt employees

To non-exempt and hourly workers, every minute counts in terms of how much you get paid. Employers are obligated, by law, to monitor meal and rest periods in order to deduct money from your paycheck. Conversely, overtime pay is also strictly regulated by state and federal laws.

Simply being salaried is not enough to constitute exemption from California wage hour laws. Your employer needs to prove that you are 'primarily engaged' in exempt duties and use 'independent discretion and judgment' in more than half of your daily responsibilities. Wage hour law exemptions are classified as Executive, Administrative, and Professional in California. Misclassification of salaried employees is a sound basis for a class action lawsuit.

Our attorneys represent clients in wage-hour law litigation related to:

  • Alternative work weeks
  • Contractual obligations and waivers
  • Itemized wages
  • Make up time
  • Meal periods
  • Minimum wage
  • Misclassification of hours worked
  • Overtime pay violations
  • Payment at termination
  • Rest periods
  • Timesheets and timekeeping
  • Travel time pay
  • Show up time pay
  • Vacation time

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